All You Need to Know About Workshops on the Tudor Dynasty

What exactly is the Tudor Dynasty?This is the period between 1485 and 1603, in Wales and England. During this time, the Tudor Dynasty ruled, starting from Henry VII and onwards to Queen Elizabeth The First. It is a period characterised by extensive developments in England and explosion of culture literature and style. Visit to learn more.What are Tudor Visits?These are workshops that are organized to be undertaken in schools, helping young pupils to understand and appreciate the rich culture of the Tudor period. The workshops can be arranged in such a way that experts on the Tudor Lifestyle and history visit the schools and teach budding students about it.

What Happens in the Workshop?The team of Tudor experts will come with extensive resources which are from the Tudor period. These resources include tools, weapons, utensils, clothing and many more items, that the students will touch and interact with, hence learning about the culture in depth.

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